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Colon Hydrotherapy Brisbane

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People around the world are becoming more aware of their own mortality spurring a revolution to become healthier inside and out.

A variety of health strategies have become more popular as individuals discover and experience better ways to live longer healthier lives. One highly beneficial activity that has been growing in popularity with people of all ages is that of colon hydrotherapy.

There is a whole range of benefits for people who have health issues through to individuals who just want to be healthier and happier. Sometimes our bodies need a helping hand against the toxins derived from our modern lifestyles.

The health of your intestinal system has a high impact on how your body copes under stress, disease and fatigue, this is why A1 colon hydrotherapy can provide a solution to many of our modern day health concerns, utilising the latest oxygen infused and filtering techniques to ensure your total satisfaction.

How Will Colon Hydrotherapy Benefit Me?

colon hydrotherapy brisbane

There are many benefits to colon hydrotherapy but the main purpose of this treatment is to relieve the body of built up toxins and impurities. This will assist your body to function better and provide you with a sense of well-being and clarity.
Depending on your situation it may provide relief for medical concerns, it may reduce the bloating effects of over eating or drinking, assist in weight loss goals or for the active health enthusiasts you may gain that performance edge you are looking for.

One thing is for sure Colon Hydrotherapy although a significant treatment, will work extremely well when complimented with other forms of treatments and supplements depending on your needs and personal requirements. A1 Colon hydrotherapy Brisbane have the full range of treatments and supplements to get your insides healthy.


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What is colon hydrotherapy?

It is a procedure that is also referred to as colon cleansing, colonics or colonic irrigation. The theory underlying colon hydrotherapy is that of auto-intoxication or the tendency for food particles to become trapped in the digestive system and require some assistance to pass through the colon.

Ancient societies such as the Egyptians and Grecians believed that sickness, fever and other ailments were caused by this phenomenon and commonly participated in this practice.This process involves the use of gentle flowing water which may include nutritional additives to revitalise the colon and flush out the toxins and unhealthy matter.

A1 Colon Hydrotherapy Brisbane is unique as they are the only Brisbane clinic offering a gravity fed ionised water filtration system with oxygen infusion removing the fluoride and chlorine from the water. During the treatment a trained colonic irrigation therapist with be with you at all times ensuring you’re well looked after and comfortable. A1 Colon Hydrotherapy (Brisbane) specialises in colonics that pulses, this is reflexology of the colon with assistance from oxygen infused water providing the best colonic irrigation solution.

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When you book in your first appointment the professional staff at A1 Colon Hydrotherapy Brisbane will be happy to discuss any part of the treatment and go through the benefits their customers gain from the colon hydrotherapy and any other services they provide.

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