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  • Jamie

    What you think you become.

    My life in a nutshell, I am a spontaneous, social, “sparkly: people orientated unique minimalist. I spend most of my entertainment time traveling the world competing in adventure and obstacle course racing. Life is about the experiences, and the memories not possessions owned.

    I have the pleasure of owning a Siberian husky, who helps keep me grounded and very happy and positive, I am very lucky to have her. I enjoy psychology , and emotional health one of my favorites and most passionate topics. In conjunction with emotional health and my passion for helping people, I have found working with A1 has complimented my passion, and given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people and join them on their journey.

    A1 has also orbited around my passion for the health, fitness and personal wealth industry and I have been lucky to connect with so many entrepreneurial likeminded individuals including some amazing life coaches, nutritionists, and other professional fitness experts.

    When I discuss wealth, wealth to me is experiences and memories in a healthy, happy way. Hobbies to ignite this include mind tapping and neural linguistic programming. With that, I am content that my external, physical internal, emotional, and spiritual health continue to be powered by holistic health. I trust that everyone continues their journey to “ happy, healthy , and wealthy !” xx