1. Before
    2. After
  • Nat

    I became a Colon Hydrotherapist so i could help others reach their health goals and make a positive and healthy difference in this world.

    I was a client with A1 before becoming a therapist, I had compaction all along my transverse colon as well as issues with my liver, general health and weight.

    After my first session i felt incredible and happier, I had far more energy, my mind was clearer, my skin was glowing and my eyes were bright and whiter than they ever been. My blockages were breaking down and clearing, I honestly had no idea that part of my body was so tight and inflexible. My health life had changed, Every session I felt fantastic and I then knew that i needed to continue down this path of natural health, i was finally getting where i wanted to be.

    Colon Hydrotherapy has and continues to change my life everyday, I love being apart of making this world a better and healthier place.