Colon Hydrotherapy the Raw Facts

colon hydrotherapy aids in the removal of accumulated waste and toxins in the body by flushing the large intestine. It is a gentle, safe and valuable procedure used to assist the body in restoring/sustaining vibrant health.
Colon hydrotherapy helps speed up the transit time of matter moving through the bowel. It helps reduce the overall volume pattern to a healthy level, thereby breaking the cycle of self-poisoning.

When the bowel is sluggish, food residues are lying in the colon for far too long, consequently the faecal matter becomes putrified and fermented. The transit time for food to pass through the colon should be approximately 24 hours, but many bowels subjected to the wrong diet, can take three to four days and some, much longer. Toxins then absorb through the bowel wall and become circulated through the body via the blood stream.

Toxaemia is a condition in which the blood contains poisonous products, hence we have created a situation called ‘auto-toxaemia’ or ‘self-poisoning’ simply by neglecting to move our bowels properly. It is not unusual for people to have a minimum of 5kgs of rotting, compacted faeces, mucous and even parasite buildups quietly and sneakily residing in their bowel