Festive Season Bloating

Now that the festive season is almost past, we only have one more event to endure before we get back into the New Year and back to our hectic and all-consuming lifestyles.

How did you fair over the season, all the eating and drinking, snacking a few midday naps although relaxing they don’t help our health position. If your house is like ours, my mother’s contribution to Christmas is to ensure every meal is followed by another within 15 min, breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea then dinner, talk about killing me with love. Then, when you about ot leave to go home you get 15kg of food to take with you, because she couldn’t possibly eat all the leftovers herself.

The side effects are obvious because they can be visual like bloating, sluggish movements, burping and reflux and in some cases just that painful look from feeling uncomfortable from constipation.
These are all the cause of have just a little bit of a good time, and why not, It’s maybe the only time we are able to get together with all our families in one place all year, so it’s worth celebrating.

But what are you going to do now, why not work out a program to help your body get back on the straight and narrow, don’t just do one thing, do a few things that complement each other to help your liver detox, improve healthy food intake and a regular exercise routine.
Now you will be ready to take on 2011.

Have fun……..

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