Lifestyle Bloating

You have just been rushing around all week trying to get stuff done, grabbing a quick bite where you can and not really doing all the right things by your body. Add to that, the get together with friends on the weekend and a few rich foods and a bit to drink, after all you had a busy week and you owe it to yourself. How often have you woken up on Sunday morning not feeling 100%, knowing that the bloating and other less than comfortable side effects are caused by activities from the prior week, and they have not been all that kind to your inner well-being.

You know your not going to stop the lifestyle completely but you can offset the bloating by following some simple Liver Detox and colon cleansing programs. This may involve utilising some of the natural products on the market like psyllium husk in powder or tablet form on a daily basis combined with a more regulated and consistent diet may make the end of the week a little more enjoyable and comfortable. Try it, you may be surprised at the result.