Liver Detox Information

The liver has lots of important functions – its main function is to filter the blood. It works very closely with the digestive system as the digestive tract processes the food, drinks, drugs and toxins ingested they travel through the blood to be filtered in the liver.

Once the liver extracts what it needs, the waste is changed chemically and turned into bile – this is how most of the toxins are removed from the body. The bile is then stored in the gall bladder until needed. This bile is released into the digestive tract to aide the break down of fats and vitamins. The bile is mixed with residual waste left over from the breaking down of the food, the waste toxins are expelled out with our faeces.

Toxins can also be processed and expelled through exhaling, sweating and urination. The liver stores and releases glucose for energy and produces cholesterol. The liver aides with the regulation of blood clotting and helps with the removal of bacteria from the blood stream and this aids the immune system.